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Carl Jackson May 3, 2021

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Sega Genesis RPGS Top Five

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Ten Rare NES Games That Could Possibly Be in Your Collection

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Ten Rare Sega Genesis Games (Mega Drive for the Brits).

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Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition and Why It Is So Important

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Neo Geo Cup ’98

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Best Turbografx 16 Games

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Classic Video Game Producer T Shirts You Need to Wear This Summer

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Sega Saturn Game List – Five Must Have Games on a Saturn Mini

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Retro Video Game Music Tie In’s. When Rock Stars Make Terrible Games.

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Insert Coin Documentary -The History of Midway Trailer Revealed

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Retrospective Review – 1941,1942 and 1943 Arcade Game Series.

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Five Games That Have to Be on a Sega Dreamcast Mini

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New Atari VCS set for March Release

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Atari Shock – The Video Game Market Crash of 1983

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The R Zone Console and When Tiger Electronics Took on the Game Boy One Headband at a Time.

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Whats Going on With Netflix? Transatlantic TV and How Gaming Is the Last Bastion of Time and Place.

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Five Obscure Handheld Consoles

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Beat Em Up Games – The Tangled History of the Side Scroller

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Super Mario Kart 64 – Reviewed

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Five old consoles that time forgot

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The Weird World of Vintage Video Games…in underwear

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Five Fighting ‘Hidden Gem’ Retro Video Games

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Wonderboy in Monsterland

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Streets of Rage 4. Five things you need to know!

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Golden Axe Vinyl Soundtrack by Data Discs

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Royal Mail Video Game Stamps – A run down of the British games featured

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The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie and Why I Will be Watching.

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The History of Playstation

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Commodore 64 Computer at 38. A History.

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Final Fantasy VII remake and why we need it

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Dean Terry January 8, 2020

Gaming Advertising. The Time Sega Met Viz. Part 1.

Dean Terry January 2, 2020

Yoko Shimomura

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The Problem with Pit-Fighter

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Sega Saturn at 25

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Atari Breakout Games. A Classic History.

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What was the TurboGraphx-16 PC Engine?

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Worst Video Games Ever? Superman 64

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Best Wrestling Games. Top 30 Covers.

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8 Bit Bastards. Joshua Mason Author Interview.

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Galaga Arcade Machine. Retrospective Review.

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Super Book – RK Games List

admin April 1, 2020

Top Arcade Machines for Home and Office

Carl Jackson October 15, 2019

Forgotten consoles: The Super Book RK

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Pokemon Nintendo 64 Review. Stadium Rules.

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Retro Gaming Airbnb

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Dizzy: The Egg Who Would Be King

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Neo Geo Bios: Discovering the Best Games for Neo Geo

Carl Jackson September 21, 2019

G.I. Joe The Arcade Game

admin July 31, 2019

What is Updownleftrightastart? I hear you cry. As well as the greatest cheat code known to man, the one that was emblazoned on my brain since childhood, it is also the name of our website. The online store and blog for all things retro gaming. Collected by gamer geeks, for gamer geeks.

So what is updownleftrightastart? Basically a lot of stuff you don’t need but just have to have.

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My name is Carl. I am British but live in Hungary with my wife and two cats. My time is spent collecting toys, retro games and playing guitar in a Clash tribute band. I have a love of Arcade machines and own a stunning Neo Geo cabinet that takes up most of the room in my apartment.

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis is my main passion but I am currently on a rebirth with the Neo Geo (obviously I could never afford one as a kid) and a weird fascination with the PC Engine/Turbographx. I think I may also have set the world record for getting a headache on a Virtua Boy, coming in at well under 10 minutes before needing a lay down.


Hi, my name is Charlie, I’m from Oxford, UK, and I am a retro gaming collector and reviewer.

From an early age I’ve been passionate about gaming. I grew up with various Nintendo consoles and have always been interested in the large variety of products that the gaming industry has created over the last half-century. I have been increasing my collection over the last three years and currently own 16 consoles from Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and Atari, as well as more unusual pieces. I enjoy playing video games, I believe it’s a great means of escapism where you can live a completely different life of your choosing, from being a hardened soldier serving on the front lines to a purple dragon living in a fantasy world. The possibilities are endless. I also work in the retro gaming industry, working at an independent retailer that specialises in selling retro games and consoles.

I’m currently studying the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube, and what was to result in some of Nintendo’s most difficult years. I believe in knowing the what but also the why and how behind the history of gaming, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you guys!