Merchandise Crates from UpdownleftrightAstart

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So you are totally stuck for a birthday or occasion? What can you possibly buy for the person that has everything? That is where we can help with the best loot crate gifts!

These merchandise crates are bundles of fun for old and young gamers. Each crate comes with at least four cool, themed products. Each one is in a specially designed merch box so that you do not even need to wrap your gift on delivery.

All crates do have free shipping options to the US.

Crash Bandicoot Merch Crate

Crash Bandicoot Merch Crate

Crashing onto consoles in 1996, this manic Bandicoot took the rich history of platform games and pushed it into new and interesting directions. A Playstation original on release, it has since gone on to be a huge media franchise spanning animation and comics.

A bag, keychain, baseball cap, glass, lanyard and wallet all ready for the Crash Bandicoot fanatic in your life. Featuring Crash and Aku Aku graphics, it all comes packaged in a Crash themed crate. One of the best value crates on the site with a huge six gifts included. Coming in at $39.

Sonic Merch Crate

Sonic the Hedgehog Merchandise Crate

A truly revolutionary game, Sonic the Hedgehog was a blisteringly fast, highly addictive platformer with ounces of charm and playability. Rolling onto our screens in 1991 Sonic would venture into graphics novels, animation, comic books and even a live action movie (currently in the works).

This Sonic the Hedgehog crate comes with a Sonic cable guy phone and joypad charger, a water bottle, bag, key cover, USB charger and extendable keychain. An excellent gift for any Sonic or Sega fan. Rolling in at $50.

Spyro Merchandise Crate

Spyro the Dragon Bundle

Spyro was a breath of fresh air (or should we say breath of hot air?) when released in 1998. Coming in at a time when numerous platform games and characters were vying for public attention, Spyro took platform gaming to a new dimension. Using an open ended, sandbox feel it broke from the linear gameplay common place in other platformers of the time. Despite slow sales at first, the game slowly gained traction and went on to be one of the Playstation’s most remembered titles. The gameplay combined with Spyro’s cool yet cutesy look meant that this was one dragon that really turned up the heat.

This Spyro the Dragon bundle is a real bargain and a great gift for any Spyro fan. Featuring a cap, mug, pin badge, wallet and lanyard it has everything the number one Spyro fan needs. Coming in at a bargain $25 it is one of the best loot crate in terms of value for money.

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