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Madballs: 10 Awesome Orbs From The Original Toyline

Madballs toys header image featuring mad rollercycle screeeming meemie and locklips

Madballs. Never has a toy line been so aptly named. Originally created by the Amtoy company, these crazy, monstrous characters functioned neither well as a ball or action figure. And that was part of their appeal.

The more popular characters were later given a makeover in the head poppers line, which gave them a body and let you fire the head using a trigger. At one point, they even had their own vehicle.

Since their initial release, Madballs have had several sporadic appearances.  They had a launch in 2005 under the Art Asylum brand and have recently been revived by the Just Play company. Read on as we rate our favourite Madballs from the original era!

Screeming Meemie

madballs screeming meemie two part pictures

Meemie is proof that Madballs are one of the oddest of all eighties toy lines. Unlike many of the Madballs that had a monster focus, Meemie is just a regular bloke. With a baseball for a head.

His bushy eyebrows and screaming sneer give him more than a passing resemblance to a ninety’s era Gallagher brother. In the comics, he featured as the spokesperson for the Madball gang. He has been depicted as a drum playing, poetry writing leader.

Oculus Orb

madballs oculus orb toy old and new versions

Oculus was one of the most iconic of the original Madballs. He was a giant, floating bloodshot eye who had jagged, pointy teeth added in later versions. He is one of the most prominent members of the gang, often portrayed as the joker of the team.

Oculus has the prestigious accolade of being only one of two playable Madballs characters in the videogame, Invasion. In the cartoon, he got even more surreal with the addition of a bowler hat. His lack of a mouth meant he often had to communicate using hand gestures.

Dust Brain

Mad Balls dust brain mummy toy old and new version

Dust Brain is another iconic toy from the original first wave. He is a green skinned mummy with rotting teeth, clad in loose fitting bandages.

Oddly, in the cartoons that were made for VHS, he was redesigned as a female named Dusty Dustbrain. In other media, he has remained a man and is famous for a voracious appetite and doing ancient, decrepit farts.

Horn Head

madballs hornhead toy in two versions

Horn Head is the resident tough guy in the series. A purple cyclops, he has a large horn mounted on his forehead along with a black beard and nose ring. He was a playable character in the Madballs; Invasion video game along with Oculus.

In cartoons and comics, he shares a bromance with the Madball Bruise Brother. He is extremely bad tempered and has the musical skill of being a great electric guitarist. He has been known to speak in third person.

Bruise Brother

madballs bruise brother toy

This guy made G.I. Joe look like they had been working in an office. Whatever war Bruise Brother had been in, he did not come out of the other side well. A cross between a veteran, with his bullet belt, and a biker with his open face crash helmet, Bruise Brother also looked like he had been on a healthy dose of cider and cigs.

Introduced in the second wave of the Amtoy line, he quickly became one of the more popular toys when he was included as a head popping figure. In comics and animation, he has often been portrayed as one of the villainous Badballs (See a doctor if you ever find one of them) though he has been known to switch allegiances.

Touchdown Terror

madballs touchdown terror toy

Touchdown Terror is one of the few Madballs to break rank and employ a new size and shape. An American football, he has fins and a tail similar to a shark.

Originally, Touchdown Terror was one of the Super Madballs. These balls carried the monster aesthetic but applied it to real size sports balls. Created to destroy the rest of the Madball gang, he turned against his creator when he formed a friendship with Freaky Fullback.

Skull Face

madballs skullface toy

Skull Face is another of the original wave. He is a skeletal head with large eye sockets and a huge grin. His deep, dark eye sockets contain a bright red pupil. In later designs, his exposed brain became its own personality with a face and mouth.

He is one of the more evil Madballs, and often plots to take over the earth. Usually, his plans are stopped by his brain, nicknamed Lobe. Like most of the gang, he likes to play a musical instrument being a whizz on the keyboard.

Lock Lips

madballs locklips toy

Lock Lips is one of the more off the wall toys and manages to resemble everything and nothing at the same time. He has a pig like nose, green toad like skin and a padlock over his lips. He arrived in the second wave.

In cartoons and comics, his speech is muffled and incoherent. However, one great running gag is that he does a great Marlon Brando impersonation and his favourite movie is ‘A Lock O Lips Now’. The gags just keep coming.

Mad Rollercycle

madballs mad rollercycle toy

What else could a group of monstrous looking balls need? A vehicle of course! And that came in the form of the Mad Rollercycle.

This crazy Tricycle had a seat and socket to put your Head Popping figures on. The left-hand side had a cool catapult for flinging your toys at siblings or landing one in your dads pint, while the right side had a basketball hoop, presumably for two player action.

Now, this toy is rocking horse shit. This is arguably the grail for any Mad Ball collector.

Swine Sucker

madballs swine sucker toy in two parts

Swine Sucker is a tusked pig who resembles a boar version of Frankenstein’s monster. He is bright purple in coloration and has green froth dripping from his mouth and nose. One eye is red and the other is green.

Sucker is the greediest of the team. He is extremely reckless and has been portrayed as a villain on occasions.


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