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Terror Claws Skeletor Toy Focus

terror claws skeletor in thre images featuring a modern figure, vintage and in the comic book

Collectors love a variation, but as a child, could you ever justify the pocket money expenditure? Once a toy line gets going, it can be hard to convince people to buy the main characters once more. Why would you need the same person, when you could be buying another toy line altogether?

One way to do this is to give your main characters a shiny new outfit and accessories, and no line did that better than Masters of the Universe. Read on as we turn our toy focus on the awesome Terror Claws Skeletor.

Terror Claws and Flying Fists

double picture of terror claws skeletor in packaging, one a a double pack with He-Man

Terror Claws Skeletor appeared in the 1986 fifth wave of the Masters of the Universe line. He arrived exactly five years after the first releases. As such, he is often known as the ‘fifth anniversary Skeletor.’

Other main players in the wave to get an overhaul included He-Man himself, with his thunder punch action. Hordak also got a hurricane bola. While they both sound pretty cool, it could be said that Skeletor got the raw deal.

The figure has huge hands, that are essentially a giant pair of gloves. In fact, they hardly look threatening at all. Combined with his sports bra armor, he is flamboyant, but not at his most menacing.

Big Hands I Know You Are The One

Despite the unintimidating design, its swiping action is a great feature. Skeletor comes with the terror claws and a white dragon skull weapon. You can choose to attach either of these to his hands.

He was the first variant of Skeletor to made from brand new, sculpted parts. His hands looked like previous models but were modified to allow the claws to clip on. The toes of the figure would also get redesigned.

Once you twist his waist, Skeletor will snap back and attack. The weapon has a chomping mouth action, making him look a tiny bit scarier. You can store the weapon on a red clip that sits on his back.

Terror Claws Skeletor was available in a single pack or in a double with Flying Fists He-Man.

Terror Claws Lore

terror claws skeletor in the min  comic packaged with the figure. he is holding up his claws.

Terror Claws Skeletor came packaged with the mini-comic “The Terror Claws Strike!”. In the story, he attempts to steal a Gem of Life to reap Havoc on Eternia’s crops. Now that’s pretty evil.

The claws are designed by the character Spikor, who gifts them to Skeletor. The comic ends with flying fists He-Man smashing his way through Snake Mountain and reclaiming the gem.

Variants of the figure are usually based around the skull motif on the chest. The mouth inside can be painted red or left untreated.

Terror Claws Skeletor has appeared in several subsequent lines. Most notably, in a double pack with the classics line. There has also been a vinyl toy released as part of the Funko Pop range.


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