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Super Book – RK Games List


Super Book RK Games. A compilation of all known games for the ‘Super Book R-K’ console.

Bernard Manning’s Virtual Meat Raffle

Bernards Mannings Virtual Meat Raffle cover for the Super Book RK Console
Bernard Manning’s Virtual Meat Raffle Cover

Bernard Manning’s Virtual Meat Raffle

By Summit Games

Release Date: 1983

Gameplay: Join Bernard Manning at his world famous Embassy club. Bernard provides a slew of onscreen rascist jokes of which you must guess the punchline from four options. After three correct answers you will enter a meat raffle draw where prizes can range from anything to a virtual sausage to the star prize, the fabled gammon joint! Only when you collect all the items from Bernard’s virtual meat raffle can you call the game complete and drink the victory pint of mild!

Kancho Bongo

Kancho Bongo for Super Book – RK

Kancho Bongo

By EPYX Games

Release Date: 1983

Gameplay: The only game to simulate the ancient East Asian game of Kancho!

You are Riku, schoolboy by day and Kancho master at night! You must run around five different stages (school, shopping centre, markethall, bathhouse and retirement home) trying to Kancho as many unsuspecting members of the public as you can. Teachers, shop assistants, masseurs, old people, none of them are safe from your golden Kancho fingers!

But beware, the gods of Kancho are looking upon you! Should you fail to reach the required Kancho points within the specified time the tide will turn and it may be YOU who gets Kancho!

American Hero on Steroids in Battle with Fictional Arabic Nation

American Hero on Steroids in Battle with Fictional Arabic Nation

Software developers unknown Yugoslav studio.

Release date: Unknown

Cover missing. Only available via bootleg game cartridge.

Gameplay: You are Chad Armstrong, all American hero and war veteran. Now in retirement, Chad spends his days on the ranch eating chicken, drinking eggs, lifting weights and injecting steroids into his buttocks of iron. That is until the C.I.A turns up on his doorstep looking for Chad’s assistance.

As Chad, you must run barechested across the deserted, mountainous landscape of the Middle East in a bid to save a captured journalist. Bazooka the houses of people living their everyday lives! Machine gun cars travelling to work on the morning commute! Machete a poor farmer’s cattle!

The hit sequel to American Hero on Steroids in Battle with Fictional South East Asian Nation.

Gillette Turkish Oil Wrestling Simulator

Ocean Software

Missing Cover

Release Date: Circa 1982

Gameplay: Indulge in the manly sport of Turkish Oil wrestling in this Gillette sponsored simuator.

What could be more manly than the sport of oil wrestling? Choose from a series of classic Gillette blades. Shave the hairy back of your partner, rub him down in Gillette blend shaving oil then naked wrestle him to the ground. Once you have proved who is more manly, move on to the next opponent who is bigger and has a hairier back.

Can you become the most manly of Gillette Oil Wrestling champions?

Hammer Will Fall

Ranchienko Studios

Release Date:1989/90

Submitted by Retro Toys and Games Nostalgia

Made in the late eighties/early nineties in Kadjv in Russia. A simple game made by 4 Russian military brothers famed for Super Book Software development. Vlad, Klaj, Kivor and Ivan Ranchienko based the game on a mighty hammer wielding soldier who single handedly took on the evil American oppressors.

Based on the Russian hammer from the Soviet flag, the hammer wielding soldier was simple in design and used Russian propaganda to portray Americans with their thoughts of superiority and riches. When the hammer hit an American it made him fall apart and coins would fall out, along with a white goods such a microwaves, washing machines, Levi’s jeans and copies of The Beatles White Album.

The Russian wielding his hammer could get power ups from a passing Russian bear that would drop canisters of pickled beetroot and smoked fish. Unlike western games the game had no high score and everyone who stood up to Americans WON.

Whip Masters Championship Edition

Gremlin Software

Release date: 1985

Submitted by Gaming Crazy

Gameplay: You are Lord Tarquin Talbot-Molyneux, known to his friends and acquaintances at the rotary club as ‘The Whip Master!’

Tarquin is chief whip in the British Conservative party and must spend his day running errands for the PM that mainly involving convincing other members of the party to vote in absurd laws that demean the working classes. This runs like an RPG based primarily in the House of Commons.

For every three tasks performed you are rewarded by the PM with a visit to an exclusive Mayfair brothel, where Tarquin is whipped furiously by a feisty dominatrix, a German business man and finally the PM herself!

Can you be the greatest that ever lived? Can you be the Whip Master?

Rise of the Robots

Mirage/Time Warner Interactive

Release Date: 1981

Submitted by www.retrogamegeeks.co.uk

Gameplay: This game was a very early developmental game by Time Warner Interactive. The game is a 2D fighting game featuring futuristic robots. It plays very much like the first Street Fighter but with worse graphics and gameplay.

Many people know it from the much later update that appeared on the Sega Mega Drive, SNES and other consoles in the Nineties. That game actually had updated graphics but behind it was exactly the same shitty game play that had been put out ten years earlier.

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