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Best Turbografx 16 Games

Turbographx-16 joypad turbopad

The best Turbografx 16 games list was a hard one to compile as the console is still relatively unknown to those in the West. Yet in Japan, the console known as the PC Engine was a huge hit. Produced by the NEC corporation, it aimed to bring arcade graphics to the home and in doing so became the biggest selling console in the region.

However, in North America it was released later than it should have been and was competing with more powerful consoles such as the Genesis. It never got the recognition it deserved and languished in obscurity.

Have no fear! A Turbographx mini is on the way and as to celebrate we list five games that just have to be on the console! Let us know if we missed any in the comments.

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Bonk’s Revenge

Bonks Revenge. Image courtesy of Nintendo eshop.
Bonks Revenge. Image courtesy of Nintendo eshop.

Now Bonk had a few names depending on where you met him. In Japan he was known as PC Genjin and in other Pal territories he was known as BC Kid. A caveman come baby type creature, most people in the West know him from ports to other consoles and home computers. However, Bonk was the official mascot for the console and must be in any best Turbografx 16 games list.

In Bonk’s Revenge our hero is off on an adventure to recover half of the moon. This is done in a platform game that utilises Bonk’s ability to headbutt things as the force de majeur. Bonk travels through glaciers, castles, Christmas themed lands, volcanic mountains and more as he attempts to take down his enemy the evil King Drool and reclaim the stolen half of the moon.

Bonk is a thoroughly enjoyable platformer. The colour palette and how it is utilised give a nostalgic warmth to the game. Bonk as a character is also hugely likeable, with his Charlie Brown type eyes and kawaii head. While most people probably know this from the Gameboy outing, the Turbographx version is much more enjoyable and has aged much better.

R Type

R Type. Image courtesy of Rieman80@mobygames
R Type. Image courtesy of [email protected]

R Type is a definite classic and one of it’s most memorable outings was on the Turbographx 16. You must control the Arrowhead space ship in the fight against the alien Bydo race. This horizontal scrolling shooter took inspiration from H R Giger’s art for the Alien films and spliced it with crazy power ups and some awesome end of stage bosses.

Oddly, the Japanese release of the title was so big that it had to be placed on two cartridges. These were imaginatively titled ‘R Type I’ and ‘R Type II’ though for the US release, the whole game could fit on one cartridge. The game is commonly considered one of the best shooting franchises spawning a number of sequels and this is one of it’s best incarnations.

This is the first Turbographx game I ever played and is my personal pick for the best turbografx 16 games.

Gomola Speed

Gomola Speed. Image courtesy of Tomas Pettersson@mobygames.com
Gomola Speed. Image courtesy of Tomas [email protected]

Gomola Speed is odd and totally reminds me of snake on the Nokia 3310 phone. So imagine how addictive that was but times it by a thousand.

You begin with the head of the snake and gradually add body parts as you move around the level. Your aim is to eat all the food in the stage by circling your body around the item. Once the food is gone you can progress to the next stage.

Gomola is a really unique game and stands out in the catalogue just for it’s sheer uniqueness. It is simple but really effective and you will get addicted to it.

Military Madness

Military Madness. Image courtesy of 666gonzo666@mobygames.com
Military Madness. Image courtesy of [email protected]

Another simple but addictive game. Military Madness is actually far better than it sounds. You are on the moon in the year 2089 controlling the Allied Union forces. You must fight the alien squadrons in a turn based strategy game, attempting to take back control of land and the surface area.

This is done on a hexagonal tiled map, in which you steal resources and units from your opponent until you are the victor. A huge influence on strategy games that would follow, Military Madness has a huge cult following. It won countless awards and later developed into a franchise known as the Nectaris series. It is hard to imagine games like Command and Conquer existing without MM.

Bomberman 94

Bomberman 94. Image courtesy of Katakis@mobygames.com
Bomberman 94. Image courtesy of [email protected]

Confusingly released in 1993, Bomberman 94 is another classic gaming franchise on the Turbographx. Bomberman 94 holds a place on the list over the other installments just for sheer aesthetics.

Your task is to restore Planet Bomber after it is split into five pieces. To do this, you must travel through jungles, volcanos, seas and castle themed mazes, bombing enemies until you are the last one standing.

The game would later be ported to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and given the name Mega Bomberman. However, despite having more power in the Sega console this version was graphically superior. It has a vivid colours that are rendered superbly. The game oozes fun from the off and has to be included in the best Turbografx 16 games.

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