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Classic Video Game Producer T Shirts You Need to Wear This Summer

Atari T Shirt

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Summer is fast approaching and while Corona virus may be putting uncertainty in our plans, one thing is certain. Classic video game producer and developer logo’s look cool, especially on these high quality T Shirts from RedBubble.

Most T shirts are available in at least 6 sizes, a range of colour choices and a selection of baseball, classic, V Neck or long sleeve T. The option can be given to print the logo on the back for many T Shirts.

Ocean Software

Ocean Software T Shirt
Picture courtesy of Red Bubble

First up is this classic Ocean software T. One of the biggest European software developers of the eighties, Ocean defined a generation. The generation of home computers taking over consoles, when Spectrum and Commodore were king.

The list of classic games put out by Ocean is impressive. The Addams family, Batman, Hook, Jurassic Park, Rambo and Robocop are some of the classic licenses. More impressive is the list of innovative original games it was responsible for. Daley Thompson’s Decathlon. Worms. Parallax. All games that are woven into the fabric of your childhood.

Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate this on this awesome, high quality Ocean Software T Shirt?


Bullfrog T Shirt
Courtesy of [email protected]

Set up in Guildford, England in 1987, Bullfrog was responsible for some of the most innovative games of the late eighties to mid nineties. Their first major hit was the revolutionary ‘Populous’ in which you literally played God. Finding it hard to get such an odd game published at first, the game was taken on by major developer EA and became a huge hit.

In 1994 they released the game changing ‘Theme Park’. To say it was ahead of it’s time is a grave understatement, as most mobile phone games now owe a huge debt to this title. A business management simulator of sorts, you had to build a theme park and attract visitors. Balancing making a profit, building new rides, maintaining them and keeping the park clean was a lot harder than you would expect and ten times more addictive. Along with the titles ‘Creation’ and ‘Magic Carpet’ this game cemented Bullfrog’s reputation as one of the most innovative companies around.

This Bullfrog T Shirt lets you not only show your love for classic gaming, but add an element of geek chic to your wardrobe. Who would not be impressed by the cheeky sideways nod to the desktop classics of yesteryear.

Just try to avoid wearing while carrying symptoms of inflatable head syndrome and you should look pretty fly.

Data East

Data East T Shirt
Courtesy of [email protected]

Data East bring back some of our favourite gaming memories and we assume they do for you. Days spent playing Captain America and the Avengers on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The ring of Burger Time in your ear as your trod on a dirty arcade carpet.

Data East started in Japan in 1976. As they gained success with a number of arcade games, they quickly opened up a US division. Even during the 1983 video game crash they continued to create and put out exceptional titles. Robocop, Karate Champ and Atomic Runner Chelnov all appeared in this period. It began to license games for home console titles and soon became a household name.

It also had a run of exceptional pinball machines. Back to the Future and Batman were some of its excellent titles based on movies. They also created machines based on rock and pop history, such as the Guns and Roses pinball machine.

Anyone who grew up in a gaming household or hit the arcades will recognise this Data East logo. The classic, basic eighties look before the console logo was introduced is a real stark look, excellent with ripped jeans or a faded leather jacket. Order this slice of gaming history now!


Psygnosis T Shirt
Courtesy of wayne [email protected]

Psygnosis began by developing games for the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga. This became the heyday of Psygnosis. In this time, one of their most popular hits was the cartoon puzzle game ‘Lemmings’. It combined cute yet suicidal furry creatures with a tricky point and click game.

It later became a whole subsidiary of Sony and started developing titles for the Playstation. One of the Playstation launch titles developed by Psygnosis was the landmark Wipeout, a futuristic racing game that really summed up the era with bouncing physics and a pumping electronic soundtrack. At one point it was estimated that Psygnosis accounted for around 40% of games sales in Europe.

This Psygnosis logo has a totally distinctive look compared to other developer graphics around at the same time. It opts for a fantasy, dungeons and dragons type font with an owl in flight. Wear this slice of classic gaming history on your chest with pride, harking back to a heyday of home computer and development pioneering.


Taito T
Image courtesy of Paul Morgan @redbubble.com

Surprisingly, Taito Japan did not have it’s roots in the country. It was founded by a Ukrainian Jewish businessman who imported jukeboxes and vending machines. Eventually the company began to branch out into arcade machine design and manufacture in the sixties. In 1978 they released the seminal Space Invaders, which kick started the golden age of video gaming. Taito America licensed many of it’s video games to third party publishers, particularly Midway. It was not until the late 70’s they began to put games out under their own brand in the west.

Taito have a rich gaming history as a video game producer and scents of the arcade just ooze from the logo. This T Shirt looks awesome in cool blues and greens or fiery reds and oranges. Click the link and have a look at some of the different styles as well. We particularly like this logo in a baseball T with rolled up sleeves. Wear this T Shirt with pride as a fully fledged retro gaming geek!

To check out an even wider range of T shirts, click here!

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