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Capcom Fight Games: Top Ten Characters That Need to Join Street Fighter.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

The Playstation V is heading our way. Street Fighter has recently rounded off installment V with  a full edition. Inevitably, the PS5 has to bring a fresh batch of Capcom fight games along with it, one of which has to be the jewel in the franchise. But which Capcom fighters would we love to see join the roster from across the universe? We look at past Street Fighters, Final Fighters, Rival Schoolers and even Red Earther’s as we give ten characters we need to see!

Mike Haggar

Mike Haggar. Courtesy of Capcom Fighters Network.

This guy is a veteran of Capcom fight games. Final Fight. Saturday Night Slam Masters. Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Numerous other side appearances and cameos. So when will Mike Haggar join the Street Fighter roster?

Haggar was one of the original playable characters in Final Fight. However unlike Cody and Guy, he never appeared in Street Fighter Alpha and never made his way to the SF roster. To date, he has been the only playable character to appear in every Final Fight game. He even got in an episode of the SF animated series.

Starting out in Final Fight as the major of Metro City, it was the quest for Haggar’s kidnapped daughter that was the narrative for the game. He is the lynchpin of the series. A commanding character who has a complex personality that involves being a father, a pro wrestler and a mayor of a major city.

Now retired, his mantle as mayor of Metro City has been passed to Cody. Yet as a sworn rival of the Mad Gear Gang and with time on his hands from retirement, surely it must be right for Haggar to enter the world warrior tournament?


Gunloc (Lucky Colt). Image courtesy of SF Wiki.

Gunloc, known as Lucky Colt in Japan, is the main protagonist in Saturday Night Slam Masters. This was Capcom’s brawling arcade wrestling game that some of you may have played on the SNES.

His bio states that he was a Street Fighter on the streets of Metro City and that his brother is a famous Street Fighter. You only need to take one look at his high flat top to see who that is. The fact that he has a very similar move list to Guile only consolidates the relationship.

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Gunloc only ever appeared in one Street Fighter game and that was Street Fighter: The Movie. In this, he was known as Shadowloo Agent Blade. On completion of the game Blade is revealed to be Gunloc, who had been working undercover to infiltrate the organisation. Is it time for him to step out of the shadows?

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Ingrid. Image courtesy of Capcom Fighters Network.

Ingrid is another character who has only had one entry in the Street Fighter series, though she has always remained in the background. Debuting in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for the PSP, she had been designed for the aborted Capcom Fighting All Stars.

Although her background story is thin and often retconned, it seems that she is a time travelling character with similar powers to M Bison and Rose. A god along the lines of Necali from SFV, it has even been hinted that she is more powerful than Bison himself.

A powered up female character would surely be a great roster addition to stand alongside Bison and Urien in the next installment.

Captain Sawada

Captain Sawada. Image courtesy of Capcom Fighters Network.

Captain Sawada is essentially the Capcom character that never was. His shining moments appearing in a movie that was less than successful.

That movie was The Street Fighter II movie. If you have not seen it, then please do, just to witness a true celluloid catastrophe. The movie crams every possible Street Fighter character you can think of into it and one extra. That character is Captain Sawada.

It is rumoured that the film studio believed Sawada was to be Capcom's face of the company. It also seems that Capcom genuinely led them to believe that. Kenya Sawada was not just a character either. He was an actual Japanese action hero, which made the whole thing even stranger. Speaking very little English his voice was dubbed in the movie.

Sawada would turn up in Street Fighter: The Movie game and his only other appearance would be in the animated series. After that, for no apparent reason, Sawada and Capcom never carried on their partnership. Sawada was left in SF obscurity. Surely a return would be a great coup for a fading action hero and fan service to the great Street Fighter past?


Maki. Image courtesy of www.fightersgenerations.com

Maki has appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the Gameboy Advance and the PSP. Yet another Capcom fight game veteran, her main universe is that of Final Fight, which as we know is almost indistinguishable from that of Street Fighter. She has also made appearances in Capcom vs SNK.

Trained in the Bushin style of Ninjitsu, her first appearance was in Final Fight II as the sister of guy's fiance. Wearing a revealing ninja outfit combined with a fiesty, tough as nails attitude, she has always been a fan favourite of SF and Final Fight fans.

She has appeared in both the SF comic by Udon and an episode of the animated series. So when will her real Street Fighter debut come?


Eagle. Image courtesy of www.Capcom.fandom.com

Similar to Ingrid, Eagle appeared in the PSP version of SF Alpha 3. However, he is also a veteran of other Capcom fight games. He appeared in the Gameboy advance version, Capcom vs SNK 2 and was most notably on the roster for the original Street Fighter. This guy has form.

A British bouncer who searches for the ultimate duel, he can often been seen wielding a stick or baton. Similar in attire to Dudley, it is unknown if the two are linked.

Eagle is a real fan favourite. He has a more than passing appearance to Freddie Mercury and there have been hints to him being a gay man. Surely a little more representation on the roster has to be a good thing, especially with an LGBT character that unlike Poison, does not confirm to stereotype....That is apart from the fact he looks like Freddie Mercury.

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Rubyheart. Image courtesy of Marvel vs Capcom Official Complete Works.

At some point during the lifetime of Street Fighter V, Capcom put out an online database containing Shadowloo files on the Capcom universe. One of those files belonged to an unknown character called Ruby. With a pirate like appearance, it states that she is a family girl who works at a bar on the docks. She is currently building her own boat to travel around the world. Though so far we have never seen her in any Capcom game.

Hang on! Maybe we have? In Marvel vs Capcom 2 a character named Rubyheart assembled the heroes of the Capcom and Marvel universe to take on an enemy called Abyss. Her appearance was almost identical and of course the name fits. Surely this must be a hint on the part of Capcom?


Leo. image courtesy of www.capcom-unity.com

This is a long shot. In fact, Leo is from a totally different continuity, time and space. Appearing in the most underrated of Capcom fight games 'Red Earth' he is a cursed warrior, who will forever have the appearance of a lion. Which would be really bad, if he didn't look so amazingly cool.

Failing an appearance in some form of Capcom fighter, Red Earth itself is ripe for a remake. Based upon the concept of a 14th century alternate earth, it is Street Fighter meets D and D with awesome fight sequences and narrative.

He has made numerous background appearances, notably in Super Gem Fighter and in Hawkeye's ending for Marvel vs Capcom III. In Street Fighter V, I felt like it was really missing a visually out there character, such as Blanka or Hakan. Leo could fit that spot and if combatants in Tekken have animal heads, why can't Street Fighter?

Batsu Ichimonji

Batsu Ichimonji. Image courtesy of Streetfighter.fandom.com

Batsu Ichimonji is the main protagonist in Capcom Fighter 'Rival Schools.'

He would be a great addition to the roster due to his personality. Batsu is a sort of anti hero, foul mouthed and hot tempered. However he does have a strong sense of justice. Just as Dan Hibiki plays the loser outsider role well in the franchise, Batsu could occupy the rebellious, rude teenager slot. This is currently unoccupied in what is a huge roster.

The problem with including him is that he has a very similar move set to Ryu, as do a lot of Street Fighter characters. It may be a case of keeping out a longer standing character like Sean or Makoto to include him.


Zeku. Image courtesy of Capcom Fighters Network.

The last on the list actually only made his playable debut in Street Fighter V. Yet his lineage and his ending link him to a classic Capcom character.

In Alpha II Zeku is seen as Guy's master. After Guy beats him and takes over as the 39th successor of the Bushinryu school, Zeku takes off on his own journey. This is where we met him in Street Fighter V.

Of all the characters added as downloadable content, Zeku's narrative is the most interesting to Capcom fans. Zeku bears more than a passing resemblance to Strider Hiryu from the 1989 Capcom game. His moveset is often the same, his jumps are identical. He even flies in on a glider like Strider.

To cap it all off, in his ending he is left contemplating a name for his new martial art school. One of the possible names? You guessed it.....The Striders.

In any new Street Fighter game an evolution of Zeku, part way between his SF V self and Strider would be an excellent addition. Not only that, it would close the circle of Capcom fight games and bring a link between the universe's past and future.

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