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Golden Axe Vinyl Soundtrack by Data Discs

Golden Axe Soundtrack review header
Golden Axe Soundtrack Review.

Beauty takes many forms and often comes in unexpected ways. The blooming of an early spring flower. The first snowflake of winter landing upon your nose. The laugh of your first born child. Or a golden disc vinyl record with the Golden Axe soundtrack on.

And for this we have the awesome Data Discs to thank. Pressers of retro game soundtracks on vinyl, they also have Streets of Rage I and II, Shenmue, Shinobi, Super Hang on and Outrun in their catalogue.

But this is the one we have been most excited for.

The package is breathtaking, featuring the detailed eighties fantasy style that adorned the cover of the original games.

Not only do you get the vinyl, it comes with two lithographs of the cover art from Golden Axe one and two. They are really high quality, well printed and easily frameable if you wanted to put them in your games room or office.

Side note – If you look very carefully at Gilius Thunderhead, the dwarf, on the cover of Golden Axe one, you will notice that if he stood up he would just actually be the size of a non vertically challenged person. Anyway….

The vinyl itself is a thick 180g. It is available in classic black, translucent gold and a limited edition gold with purple swatches. I opted for the simple gold, because well, it is Golden Axe. Not black axe or gold with purple swatches axe.

So what is the vinyl itself like?

This is my first data discs vinyl and while I collect vinyl and retro games, I was a little worried. Because I am a puritan and I did wonder how something would be mastered that should technically be blasting out of a battered, fading old CRT television in my mams back room.

I need not have worried. It is actually done really well. Texturally, the Golden Axe Vinyl soundtrack compositions themselves are sparse due to the nature of the hardware they were created for. The synthesised sounds are crisp, like razor sharp levels of crisp. As such, everything just seems more audible than it did back in the day. And it’s a good thing. The stereo mix and separation are done just right and the bass is punchy without being overpowering.

Vinyl and Lithographs

And of course, the soundtrack is not only an absolute nostalgia trip but has some genuinely great pieces of music on it. Thieves Theme gave me so much of a nostalgic throwback I got frustrated and had to go outside and kick a gnome to relieve the pressure. For some reason, Golden Axe two leans towards a more funky, disco inspired, Streets of Rage type sound while disc one has a more ominous, gothic feel to it.

My opinion is that if you are even remotely interested in this, visit the website, see what they have and buy the soundtrack for the game that is closest to your heart. Because they sell out fast. This is the second pressing because the first sold out so quick. It was commanding quite a high price on Ebay and it took a long time for this one to come around. I missed out on the recent Metal Slug vinyl by Data Discs that they put out and I could kick myself for it.


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