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Sega and Viz comics advertisement

Dean Terry of Retro Toys and Games Nostalgia carries on his look at the Sega and Viz comics game ads advertising campaign of the nineties.

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With any other console you’re just going through the motions. With piles of shit hot games, many at a strain less £19.99 the Sega Megadrive dumps on all other fibre free games systems.

Who hasn’t wanted to play their console on the throne? With the amount of peripherals Sega put out for the Megadrive at that time it is surprising they didn’t create something for this purpose.

Others could have been: And at that price they are a drop in the pan. Safety warning, things may pile up on you.



Buy a master system plus games console from Sega (it’s fantastic, it’s brilliant , it walks on water … well not literally but I’m sure you get the idea, I mean do you think we’d have to advertise in Viz if we had a games console that walked on water really!) and get Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker or the arcade hit Golden axe absolutely (yes absolutely) free. Offer only available whilst stocks last at the incredibly waterproof price of £99.99.

Did you moonwalk at this price? Or were you scared off by the eye’s of Michael Jackson peeping through your letterbox? I think I’d take an axe (a golden one) to anyone with that creepy gaze. History would make this one of the more dubious game ads.

My Billy

My Billies is 12" long, black and hard and great fun to play with in the bedroom.....

So is my Johnny's Sega console but he doesn't scream when I plug it into the wall socket!!

A damn sight more fuckin' interesting than the shite they put on the telly these days.

Well that's time's for you. Once upon a time they wanted it all big and now we want it small and perfectly formed. Mind you, some make a lot more noise now than what they used to. It used to take ages to have a good play around and now it's done in a few minutes. Hopefully doesn't smoke after a long session either. Though I did once play with a different one and end up with a red ring of death.


Well this one didn't start off well as Virtua Racing was the last game ad for Virgin games in Viz.

As you can see from these fun ad's they created some buzz and intrigue into the product. They also helped establish the reputation of the Mega Drive as a 'not just for children' product that would prove successful to Sega in Europe, US and UK markets.

Unfortunately, advertising isn't the same and sometimes it takes AGES (sorry couldn't help it) to get the point across or make us feel something for the product. It would definitely be interesting to find out exactly how much the ads did for the sales for Sega between 1990 and 1994.

I hope you enjoy this article and was counting all the AGES jokes I made!

Dean Terry of Retro Toys and Games Nostalgia

Dean Terry

Dean Terry is an expert in retro toys and games and runs the Retro Toys and Games Nostalgia facebook group.

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