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Gaming Advertising. The Time Sega Met Viz. Part 1.

Mega Seedy Sega Advertisement

Back in a day and time when things could be said without too many repercussions, a comic named Viz began. These comics were born from a niche, North Eastern British sense of humour and a past of saucy and risque seaside postcards. Famous for flaunting sex, swear words and abrasive characters, no comic has ever been produced like it. Much less, gaming advertising for one of the biggest console manufacturers in the world.

From 1990 to 1994 Virgin Games, distributors for Sega produce in the UK, asked Viz to do some advertising. In keeping with the Viz style, the adverts produced were some of the most cutting edge, double entendre ridden advertisements ever produced between a major Japanese electronics retailer and a British indie comic.

Dean Terry of Retro Toys and Games Nostalgia takes a look at them….


“On a cold winters night no activity combines such precise co-ordination of eye and hand as the Sega challenge. Offering instant relief to both left and right handed players the contest guarantees to separate the men from the boys (NB the female players may find difficulties with the higher skill levels.) So as the iceberg said to the polar bear – ‘go with the flow but don’t you eat that yellow snow’

Wow, I mean what a challenge. Any fool can drink seven pints but spelling Sega when having a piss in the snow must take AGES and must come with it’s own dangers. I see no warnings about freezing your parts off or pissing on your best shoes (speaking from experience).


You sit there. Eyes glued to the writhing, arcade quality graphics , pulling and squeezing your knob. Now you're breathing heavily over the digital stereo sound. Now you're shooting all over the place. but it's no use .... game over.

The frustrated memories this brings back. I mean who of us that remembers our mighty old shaft stick controllers didn't wriggle and slam it around. It took AGES (I've done it again I really should have worked for Sega). I even ended up with sore hands due to wrestling with the shaft. Gaming advertising at its rudest.


What a hummer !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sega have caused a pump powered commotion by dropping the Megadrive price. Can you afford not to get a whiff of this one?

I'm not to sure on this one. It seems like it just popped out. They should have kept it in for AGES (See the theme) This may have caused a bit of a stinker with prices so let's hope it didn't stick around for long.


Got to admit, it takes balls to advertise your product with an actual a pair of hairy balls. I'm just glad that with it being a Sonic advert they just didn't show the rings.


Order a Mega CD by April 2nd or you'll get caught with your pants down. It plays film quality games. It plays music CD's. it includes 7 games. It's the most fun you can have playing with yourself. Have a whip around and get 270 quid together. And sorry we don't accept luncheon vouchers.

Ohhh errr! I mean I know things were expensive but 270 quid? To have some seedy fun that really takes the whip? Has any other gaming advertising campaign ever started with a middle aged man dressed in handcuffs, bra and panties?

Thanks to Sega and Viz for the pictures and amazing team up.

Part two will drop here next week!

Dean Terry

Dean Terry is an expert in retro toys and games and runs the Retro Toys and Games Nostalgia facebook group.

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